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The first phase of the platform will be launching a custom GUI for the Serum DEX. Finalized pools can immediately create a Serum market and start trading on the permission-less DEX.
There are currently many hosted front-ends available to trade on Serum, but they are all based on, or forked from, the Serum repository. Solanium will provide a custom Serum GUI, built from scratch. Which will support several key features such as a custom grid, transaction manager, rich data display fetched from the Serum API and partners and will be fully responsive and dynamic.
Screenshot of prototype, not the final design.
Trading on the DEX should be experienced as CEX trading (in terms of UI and UX). We will supply the user with the required information to start trading, and show a quick tutorial on all the functions if it is the user’s first visit on the DEX. Referral fees collected on Serum trades will go the Governance Treasury.